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Zach Tompkins

Video Strategist


Phone: 719.217.3088


ViralVids Productions

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About Me

Zach started producing video marketing for real estate professionals and businesses in 2019. In the beginning, his marketing consisted of only video; But has since evolved to incorporate social media management, landing pages and funnels built to convert, consulting, and even paid ad management. His goal is to provide more than just a beautiful video. (although he does that too) - But rather create a purposeful video

strategy that solves real problems and produces results. 

Fun Facts About Me

1. Has lived with dogs his entire life and has 2 rescue dogs, one pitbull mix and a lab mix


2. Was a licensed real estate agent in Colorado in 2018 and did 7 transactions in 7 months before starting his video business

3. One of his favorite hobbies is playing guitar and he loves rock music

4. Obsessed with Formula 1 racing and goes to at least 1 race every year

5. Big on fitness and health and is in the gym weightlifting, boxing, or doing some other form of physical activity outside 5-6 days a week


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