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Amanda Butkovich

Broker Associate, Assistant Team Lead

Phone: 720.404.8459


Homes of SOCO Group

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About Me

Licensed for 6 years. Amanda has been an agent with Homes of Colorado Group for many years and contributes on a high level. Amanda is a prime example of a team player and continually supports the entire team and its growth. She focuses on her clients first and foremost and makes it a point to give each and every client an experience unlike any other. She believes in customer relationship building and will always support her goals and the goals of those around her. 




Programs to help you sell
your home in any market?

Download my guide to selling and familiarize yourself with every step of the process. No signing-up required. I provide resources up front at no cost to help you make a sound decision. 

Working from Home


Buying in any market can be stressful.
Rest assured, we are here to guide you.

Understanding the entire home buying process is the first step. Download our buyer guide by clicking the link below and start preparing, whether your goal is to buy now or in the future. 

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My Guarantee

To serve the community as a leader in the real estate industry and as a friend and neighbor. To always do the right thing, even if it isn't what is easiest. To take care of your needs at the highest level through unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail. No request is too small. To serve as a trusted local expert and adviser by your side. To consistently and clearly communicate with you in the manner and frequency that you prefer. To treat you and your family with straightforwardness, integrity and respect at all times. To answer your questions, ease your concerns, reduce your stress, and expertly handle the entire real estate transaction from listing to closing and beyond. To hold myself accountable to selling your home for top dollar - after all, that is what my business is built on

Happy Clients

"Amanda's video tours were extremely helpful and informative. She worked patiently with me during a very demanding period when there was a last-minute rush of buyers grabbing up homes 1-2 days after their initial listings, before the anticipated interest rate rise(s) from March onward. Fortunately, the rush abated enough to where Amanda could tour some homes for me, and I could make more choices. In one case, I felt it necessary to pull an offer early, and Amanda handled this difficult situation particularly well. The lackadaisical sellers' home had already been listed for over 90 days on Zillow (a "red flag" that they had passed up several credible offers by then), and was pulled off the market after the interest rate started rising. Fortunately, backing out of this offfer led to a home with a better location, more desirable features for me, and an honestly motivated seller who worked with me on some issues. To sum up, Amanda did a great job for me during a very tough period for buyers, in which I required a lot more assistance than I would have in a more "normal" buying period. Great job, Amanda! Thank you again!"




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